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MAD saints on Buckhaven front
Text below taken from the introduction printed in the
MAD Saints Review Programme produced 1972

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History of the MAD Saints Youth Fellowship

The MAD Saints Youth Fellowship is comprised of youth in Buckhaven and Methil Area, and was founded in March, 1969 when teenagers of St. Michael's, St. Andrew's and St. David's Parishes, Buckhaven formed the joint Youth Fellowship.

Even in the early days Guest Speakers, Day Outings and service to the local community, were part of Fellowship activity. Within a year, the MAD Saints had made a significant contribution to the life of both Church and Community, and members were gaining experience and knowledge conducting meetings and organising services.

It was at the end of 1970/71 session that preparations were made for the first MAD Saints 'Review' which was staged in October, 1971 in Buckhaven High School under the guidance of Charles Small, a local school teacher, who acted as producer.

The 'Review', in all aspects, was a great success for the MAD saints. Not only was it a success as a good production but also it showed that the MAD Saints were an energetic, enthusiastic and naturally talented group of young people.

Last Christmas the MAD Saints presented a very modern version of the Christmas Story as their contribution to their Church's Festival of Music, and this Easter they portrayed a realistic account of the events leading up to and including the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus in the Easter Story.

The fellowship continues to meet and make more friends. They have visited the old folks at Methilhaven Home and Parkdale Home and have visited and held various outings with the children of Greenbanks Home in Leven.

Members would also like to take the present opportunity of thanking their many friends and many unknown supporters for their interest, goodwill and encouragement.

The MAD Saints on parade

The MAD Saints Review Programme

The MAD Saints Dress RehearsalThe MAD Saints Dress Rehearsal

The MAD Saints in colour

MAD Saints in colour
Photographs taken by Jim Hamilton at rehearsals for publicity.

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