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GW Harvey
Leven Fife.

Me standing on the flat roof above the shop and below standing at the shop next door to Harvey's. Quite a lot of photographs were taken to test cameras or film. Shame so few photographs remain from that time.

In the studio we would often practice taking various photographs to test background, lighting and posing of customers. We would again at times be testing film and development times and their effect on the quality of the images.

The above shot and 2 below are of myself and Mr Harvey in the studio.

A group shot in the studio... don't we look happy...!!

Above and below portrait pics of yours truly.

At times we would spend some time getting the lighting and backgrounds looking good, and we did produce some great practice shots in the studio as can be seen.

Richard, above and below doing his film star look for this practice session.

Not the best pics I'm afraid but we did not always get it right.

Jim at work on a wedding. I do not have many pictures of me at work but this one was sent in for (D&P - Developing and Printing) and I kept this copy. I am telling the Bride and Groom to swap places as the traditional place is the Bride on the Grooms left arm.
I think wedding photographers probably appear in more photographs
than the bride and groom.
Well we do have a job to do. A photographers most used phrase is:
Just one more shot, please!! Hold it... One more shot please!!

The annual Christmas bash brought together the Harvey family and the staff. This get together was always held on the last day of business and would be held at 6 pm when the shop closed. We would have shortbread and Harvey Bristol Cream Sherry.

At times we would also take photographs outside of work time and here
Ronnie and Jim go of to take some photo's.

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