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Special affects:
At times we were asked to produce special affects for publicity shots etc., Or we spent time experimenting with different techniques to produce different affects. Below are some of the photographs that I have managed to find in my collection of prints from that time.

The image above of 'Micro Man' was created for a company. They provided the art work and then we created the idea of him bursting through card/paper with a spotlight affect.

This image was created by taking a studio print and then cutting out various parts with a craft knife. Then placing the cut image onto another piece of photographic paper and exposing. The affect was quite good and works very well.

Close up photography was used from time to time and this is an example.

I remember we produced hundreds of these prints that were for some sort of
give-away with a product. What was the product and for who?

The image above and the two below are examples of where we were trying to enhance images taken. Especially if they were taken in church they lend themselves to this type of superimposing of another image (in this case candles). The affect works very well although did take a little time to get the affect just right. Unlike today with digital images you can work all sorts of special affects very easily.

The staff from time to time would play with images to see what effects we could create.
It is interesting what could be done, without the aid of today's computers and
digital manipulation.

This image of me was created by only part developing the print, so that the image was quite light, very light. Then taking black ink and drawing in the detail that was just showing on the photograph. The finished image is quite impressive and
I am pleased to still own the original above. Again if the image was to dark we would place the image in a solution (can't remember what it was) but the chemical ate away any black on the image and made it lighter... lighter areas obviously got lighter... we did from time to time use this solution on negatives that had been overdeveloped.

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