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This page contains information about the software used on the site,
how images are scanned and made available.
Copyright and permissions to copy or use of material.

Copyright: - what can you use from the site?
Photographs and images: - where they have come from - quality for web - printing off
Interviews: - why and who -
e-interviews - Tell your story by filling up an e-interview...
Printing of pages: - using button on page - set printer to 'landscape' to ensure full print
Braehead News: - Scanning in and reproduction on the web site.
Archive Material: - What is the purpose of archiving material?
NetObjects Fusion MX: - software used to design this website - html - dhtml - flash/swish
Search engine: - google is the best, I think so...
Braehead Voice: - 'internet radio' - Now disconnected - (through lack of use)
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Forum: A place to discuss, debate and share your thoughts and experiences.

It is safe to assume that everything on this site is copyrighted. It either belongs to the braehead-news web site or it belongs to someone else. (i.e., someone who has donated their written work, images etc., to the site).

Publishing material from the braehead-news web site:
The aim of the website is to make the information that we are gathering available to as many people as possible. Therefore it is not our aim to stifle information exchange. If you would like to reproduce something from the web site it is expected that you would do the following:

  1. e-mail me letting me know what information you like to use and
    where it will be used. Please wait for a reply.
  2. All information used must be acknowledged to the braehead-news web site and the appropriate links to e-mail and web address supplied with any article/reproduction
    (use of the braehead-news logo below is recommended with our URL)

Information to be used that was supplied by another party then they should also receive acknowledgment for their work.

The only exception to the above is the staff and pupil interviews. In all cases it is expected that before any of this material can by used, consent must be asked for and given.

Braehead News - large logo

Braehead News - small logo

The logo above was created on the 1st of August 2002, by a good friend Mark W.
Thanks Mark for your support, help and input.

Please use one of the 'braehead news' logo's above,
on any web page or other publication, with a visible link to the braehead-news web site.
Right click on the image and choose 'save picture as' to save to your HD (hard drive).

use one of these links below either with the graphic above or on its own.. Copy to use with
graphic above.  or

All photographs/images
probably fall into one of the following categories:

Old photographs of Braehead donated by former staff and pupils

Old photographs donated of Buckhaven and area

Old photographs taken by myself

Digital / film photographs taken by myself.

Digital / film photographs taken by site visitors or others

Negatives or slides from any of the above.

Scanning of images: All photographs and other material will be scanned into the computer. They will be scanned in at a very high rate producing images that are anything from 800k to over 1 meg in size.

The point of this is that by making as good a quality digital image as I can, that when I reduce it for the web site you will view the best possible image.

The images are reduced in size to accommodate the web page and to allow for short download times.

Some images of say a class of pupils will be put up on the site as wide as I can make it to allow faces to be hopefully seen and recognised (500 pixels wide and 30k to 75k in size). Smaller groups and other images will be published in a smaller size around 400 or 450 pixels wide (10k to 35k in size).

Digital Camera: Digital images taken with a 'Digital Camera' tend to be around 300k in size when transferred onto the computer. They are then reduced in size ( 10k to 35k in size) again to keep small download times.

Slides and Negatives: I do have the facility to scan in both slides and negatives and produce a digital image from these. This can be a bit hit and miss, especially with colour slides and negatives. This depends on when the material was made and by what company. These differences in the materials by manufacture and time mean that there is no one setting to produce a reasonable result. Black and white negatives tend to produce a more stable setting, although this can depend on how contrasty or thin a negative can be.

Download times: Some web pages will because of their nature have quite a number of images, and others very little. The number of images will affect the download time of a page. If 'caching' for your web browser is on and functioning, technically when you come back to a page that has a number of images, that page should load very quickly as the images will be cached (saved) to your hard drive. What I am saying is take into account the fact that if a page on this web site is image heavy, then that page will take a little longer to download.

Quality of images: It should be noted that the images on the web site, are reduced in image size and quality wise to fit on the web page and to keep download times short. They will look great on the web page and even pretty good if printed out at their original size. However, if you capture an image from the web site and try to enlarge it you will find that you will have some difficulty as the picture will 'pixolate' and make it quite unusable.

If you would like a copy of the original scan of an image then please get in touch.

All interviews are copyrighted to this web site. No reproduction of this content is allowed without prior consent.

All interviews at the present time have been done face to face. To record the interviews I have used a mini-disc player to provide the best quality recording for transcribing.

All interviews need to be transcribed, I suppose this is one of the longest jobs to be accomplished as it can take quite a while transcribing a 1 hr interview and then getting it ready to be put up on the site.

Braehead e-interview
To view the e-interview please press below.

View the e- interview

Simply highlight the text and copy/paste it to your favourite word processor, 'notepad' or 'wordpad'.

When you have finished filling up the e-interview please attach to an e-mail or copy and paste into the body of an e-mail and send to me, here at the web site.

On most of the braehead-news web pages there is a button that says 'print page'. This is to make it very easy for any visitor to print the page they are on to read the material of-line.
Pressing this button will open up a dialogue box for your printer where you can change various settings (if you want).
The only recommendation that I would make is to set your printer to 'landscape' to ensure that you do not crop any material by printing in 'portrait'.

Braehead News (originals):
Thanks to Mr. Jim Ferguson who has loaned me his collection of Braehead News's. These number about 200 and are being scanned into the computer. Where possible the cover or other pages will be scanned in in colour where they originally are in colour, all other pages will be in black and white. This is to capture exactly what the Braehead News looked like when first published. .

It should be noted that some of the covers and text through time have now faded to different degrees. Some pages have a ghost image showing from the other side, this is caused by the 'bleeding' of the ink through the paper. This will appear on the scanned images and there is nothing that can be done, apart from preserve the copy in the state that it is in today. It is surprising how this material has survived all these years and goes to show the high quality of the materials used at that time.

I also feel it is important to capture digitally the Braehead News for future generations, maybe they can learn from what was done so well in the past. These Braehead News's will form part of the archive that I am creating.

Archive material:
It was not my plan initially, but has now become a kind of 'quest' and that is to digitally archive as much material as possible from the Braehead days. This will allow a record of material from those days in the 60's/70's in a digital form to be made available to others in the future. It is important to realise that this digital archive will not degrade in time. It is well known that photographs, negatives and paper will through time begin to show signs of wear and tear. Whether that's from the make up of the materials themselves, or from the acid from our finger tips, or through dampness or other damaging materials coming into contact with the originals.

Another reason to archive material is to make this web site into 'a one stop shop' for any one with an interest in the Braehead days. Now whether that's former pupils or staff, their children/families, students or others with an interest in education and want to research material on the Braehead days and RF. Mackenzie.

I expect that in the future as the web site grows in size and material collected by scanning grows that this material will be made available to others on CD rom's. I will as well consider lodging copies of the web site and the archive materials on CD rom in such places as Buckhaven Library and the National Archive of Scotland based in Edinburgh.

NetObjects Fusion:
NetObjects Fusion 8 is the software that I am using to publish this web site. Why?

Because it is one of the most friendly bits of s/ware available today that allows you to publish a web site without knowing anything about HTML code and all that confusing stuff.

If you are thinking of making a web site but the thought of learning this new language puts you off have a look at something like NetObjects, or similar s/ware.

NetObjects provides WYSIWYG = 'What you see is what you get' system for building and designing a web site. It is very like desktop publishing in that it uses drag and drop - technology - like using publisher (desk top publishing s/ware). The s/ware comes with various templates to use immediately therefore you can have your web site up and running in no time at all. It is like any s/ware a little confusing at first but I can guarantee that it is the best s/ware I have found (and I have looked at a few) that allows you to design and publish a web site by taking the strain and the pain out of the whole exercise. It makes building a web site enjoyable, fun and easy.

NetObjects Fusion 8, information from:

* remember that if you do wish to purchase NetObjects Fusion 8, then follow the links from the link above that will take you to retailers / web sites that are based in the UK.

(Hyper Text Markup Language)

A web site to help you understand HTML is:

There are quite a few sites that will help you to understand HTML. I use '' as a search engine, just type html tutorial or somit like that and then choose the site that you feel drawn to.

(Dynamic HTML)

What is Dynamic html? Well I suppose the best way to describe it is to say how I have used it on the web site to date.

On the very first page to the site where you have the text 'braehead news' circling the cursor, or the scrollable text box on the home page, or some of the link boxes that you choose that opens a web page within a web page are ALL DHTML.

They are all pre-written and some can be added to NetObjects with no trouble whatsoever. You, can with dhtml change various attributes to personalise the module to your own use. Just follow the instructions that come with each dhtml program and vwalla its done, whether you are putting this code straight into html or into NetObjects, you will find it fun and easy. There is a host of helpful little proglets to help your web site look better.

Warning: Do remember NOT to over use this sort of thing or your web site will be rather difficult to navigate and will be more prone to clashes between different DHTML progies. Be warned.

A web site that holds many helpful dhtml files is:

Flash / Swish:
I have not used the Flash s/ware on this web site but have used Swish to create Flash compatible files. Now why would I do that? Well, Flash is a terrific program but very, very complicated. I believe in finding the easiest way to do anything and this is where Swish comes into its own. The Swish s/ware allows people to design Flash files without using Flash. Its great, its fun and it also looks good. Check it out if you want to add Flash to your web site or multimedia files but thought it was beyond you. I have given the Flash website incase you want to check it out. Trust me thought its pretty heavy going. Stick with Swish its the fast and easy road to success.

Two web sites in regard to Flash and Swish:

Swish can be picked up from:

Flash can be picked up from:

* Please note:
AOL users can't at this time access the 'forum' - there appears to be a clash of software between AOL and the 'forum' software. I am looking for a software upgrade to the forum or another fix for this issue.

This forum area has been set up to allow all visitors to this web site the opportunity to discuss and debate, to share memories of the past, of their days at Braehead. There will be an area to discuss Buckhaven and the local area. Also an area will be set aside for anyone with comments or memories of Kilquhanity School to share thier memories and thoughts on education.

It is suggested that everyone that wants to fully use the forum area should register. Instructions for using the forum will be found below the link to the forum site. If in doubt please read the instructions. There will be further help and information available on the forum site.

It should be noted that the forum is held on a seperate web page, therefore you will surf away from the braehead news web site when you choose this option.

Go to the
'forum' intro page and link here.

Search Engine:
The best search engine (well I think so) is
It is fast and gives good results. Try it! (just press the link above)

On our 'home page' there is a 'search' input line. Just type in any word or name and a search will be carried out on the 'braehead news' web site. Just click on any result that you think will contain the information that you are seeking. Press the 'back arrow' if the information displayed is not what you want and choose the next link in line.

Subscribe to automatic updates (braehead e-news):
Yes, subscribe to the Braehead e-news, an automatic e-news on important changes to the site or in regard to some upcoming event etc.,

Press on this link to automatically add your e-mail address to our e-news mailing list. Just send a blank e-mail when the window opens. Leave the topic/subject line empty/blank. That is all there is to it. Sit back and wait on your first e-news.

You will receive by return a confirmation e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Press on the link in the e-mail and you will be taken to a 'topica' web page and you will see that you are now on our mailing list.

Oh, you do not have to register with 'topica' when you confirm your wish to join the braehead-e-news subscribe list. You will read that you have been added to our list and it then asks you to join/register with 'topica' - but you do not need to. Registering with 'topica' is not needed to use the 'subscribe' option, unless you want to. It is upto you.

After that a braehead-news e-news newsheet will arrive in your inbox about once a month. Thanks.

It's like having an electronic version of the Braehead news popping into your e-mail box with all sorts of information relevant to the site.

Braehead Voice:
The Braehead Voice - logo
Launched to celebrate our first birthday in August 2002:

As the web site has grown and I have acquired some audio archive material, I have been struggling what to do with it and how to make it available...

The Braehead Voice is now 'Offline' - lack of use...

Although the text and the images on the web site are exciting and colourful, I was aware that maybe another dimension could be tapped into. Therefore the idea was spawned for the 'braehead voice' which would bring to life the sounds from that time whether they be directly related to Braehead or not. Some of the sounds that I am going to share will come from that time around Braehead... and some will be from today... I have recorded interviews with former staff and pupils for this web site and therefore have a rich source of material to dip into and to play exerts from these interviews from time to time.

Please note: That you will from time to time get radio type adds supplied by live365. The content of these and the frequency is outside of my control. You can if you wish become a 'preferred' member and not have the adverts and have the opportunity to vote on how good the 'braehead voice' is. Unfortunately you can't do that if just an ordinary type of member of live 365.

The 'braehead voice' is hosted by 'live365' and you can read about them by visiting their web site.

The recordings that I am playing are on a loop so that it repeats, repeats, repeats itself time and again, 24 hours a day... you join in wherever the station is at, when you connect.

I will give you a brief idea of what you will hear, (not necessarily all at the one time/listening) what types of things you will hear... expect to hear some, or all of the following:
(updated on or about the first of each month).

RF Mackenzie talking about education etc.,
Other people talking about RF Mackenzie
John Aitkenhead talking about Killy school.
A S Niel talking about education
Sounds from the MAD saints reviews
Old radio adverts
Radio Scotland - Pirate Radio - sounds from the Comet
Gingles from other pirate radio ships and other material generally to do with pirate radio.
Tony Ben a great socialist and others with a socialist background
Sounds from the 60's, 70's and 80's

Last but not least - excerpts from interviews carried out with former staff and pupils from Braehead.
and anything else that I stumble upon that I think could be of interest.

There will be at times a background story connected to some of the above and this will be available on the web site to give you some background material etc.,

Happy listening.

p.s. Of course I am looking for anything recorded that has a relevance to Braehead or anything else that was recorded at that time. If you have anything please get in touch
e-mail. Share your old tapes, recordings with others, now!

© all rights reserved