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Below is a list of books published by R.F. Mackenzie
Unfortunately all are now out of print including
R.F. Mackenzie's Life Story by Peter Murphy.

 Peter Murphy

 The Life of R.F. Mackenzie

 R.F. Mackenzie

 A Question of Living


 Escape from the Classroom


 The Sins of the Children


 State School


 The Unbowed Head


 A Search for Scotland

A classroom climate that offered a 'respite from pressure' and that is what the Art Department achieved - a pupil - oriented approach that depended for its success on the personal involvement that pupils felt they had in what they were doing, and , accordingly did what they were doing well, and not under stress.

Extract from
'The Life of R.F. Mackenzie' written by Peter A. Murphy

 a symposium on the life and work of R.F. Mackenzie
University of Dundee Coat of Arms

 at The University of Dundee, Saturday, November 14th, 1998
'here' to view his presentation.

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The Life of R.F. Mackenzie   Peter Murphy *Now out of print

The Last Hundred          Hamish Brown *Now out of print

other books written by Hamish Brown

Books by
Frank Rankin listed here

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