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The images below were found in a photo album at home. I think that my dad Jim Hamilton took the photographs. The main page has written on it... 'Methil Docks 1937' (see above) and certainly this is my dad's handwriting as is the other comments made on other photographs.

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The tug above (left of barge) was the APOLLO of Ipswich but was owned by
McLeod of Alloa for dumping the barges.
(Thanks to John Downie,
Auckland. New Zealand for the above info.
Grandfather,Uncle and a cousin all worked at the Docks.)

The collier PHYLWOOD built in 1935 was owned by France Fenwick who named their ships ending in WOOD and was later sold to Stephenson Clarke who named their ships after towns in Sussex and renamed BROADHURST. She was torpedoed with the loss of three of her crew while on route from Seaham to Shoreham at the start of the war.
(Thanks to John Downie,
Auckland. New Zealand for the above info.)
phylwood with fife and wemyss wagons zoon in b
A closer look at the Phylwood and especially the wagons behind her.
The Fife Coal Co. and Wemyss wagons can be seen clearly.

Info on S.S.KULDA
She was an Estonian ship of 1961 gross tons built 1911 in Holland and
owned by R. Borgmann. She was registered in Tallinn. Estonia.
Thanks to John Downie for the above.

Foreign Passenger and Cargo Ships Taken Over by U.S Maritime Commission during World War II

On June 6, 1941 there were 84 voluntarily inactive large ships of foreign registry in American ports. The Ship Requisition Act signed on that day allowed the Coast Guard to seize these vessels for the war effort. In addition, the British Ministry of War Tranport transferred some vessels to the jurisdiction of the War Shipping Administration.

Additional ships were seized at other times and others turned over to the Allies after the signing of the Armistice with Italy in 1943. Total 112 ships, many of which were renamed after famous race horses.

Marisa Thorden, former flag was Finland. Operator for the duration of the war was Alcoa Steamship Co. New flag during this period was Panama and it was renamed Bushranger* (the asterix donates that the ship was either damaged or sunk during World War II).
Above info taken from the following web page:

The above photograph of Methil Docks
from J Furneval

The following post cards I bought recently. Unfortunately no date's.
methil docks a busy day

new docks methil pc

methil docks date unknown web

Methil Dock photographs donated by
John Downie - (Text below each picture send by John and
updated on some pics by Andrew White).

methil docks john nzealand 00e
S.S. 'Jeremiah O'Brien' - one of the last two remaining liberty
ships now restored at San Francisco. She visited Methil six times in WW2.

methil docks john nzealand 00f
2001. Pilot Boat 'Beaver' and 'Guide Me On' which is owned by Harry White.

methil docks john nzealand 01a
The Triangle, Methil Docks, 1980

methil docks john nzealand 01b
This was the first ship to berth at Methil Dock in 1887.
"TERRAS. JOHN (d 23 Nov 1922): Markinch, founder of Terras Photography (1880 to date); native of Cameron, also carried on business as a news-agent; in later years was assisted by his 2 sons, Peter and James, under whose names, P &, J TERRAS, the firm now trades today from 5 High Street, Markinch"   Regards, Lindsay Farmer

Thanks to Lindsay Farmer for the above information on John Terras.

methil docks john nzealand 01c
One of Everard's ships stern on to the tug berth in the 1960's.
Awaits a berth under the hoists in No. 3 Dock.

methil docks john nzealand 02a
No. 2 Dock, Methil 1997

methil docks john nzealand 02b
No. 2 Dock, Methil 1997

methil docks john nzealand 03a
Fishing Boats (Fairway) 1997.

methil docks john nzealand 03b
Fishing boats in Fairway, 1997.

methil docks john nzealand 04a
Fishing boats in Fairway, 1997. The red boat 'Harvest Reaper' (ML.4) owned
by Alex McKay and Roy Warrender.

methil docks john nzealand 04b

methil docks john nzealand 05a
What was the name of this ship? The first ship to enter No.3 Dock.

methil docks john nzealand 05b
S.S. Arundel (Stephenson Clarke). This was the last steam collier built in Britain.
I (John Downie) was 3d Engineer in here when this was taken in 1964.
The original print I have given to Mary Cameron.

methil docks john nzealand 05c

methil docks john nzealand 06a
The 'Dundas' About 1968. Sent to me by Ken Cassells.
Tawa, New Zealand.

methil docks john nzealand 06b
Swedish Steamer 'Monark' discharging wood pulp. Taken by Ken Cassells
Tawa, New Zealand. He sent it to me and his great uncle was Capt. Moodie, Master of 'Cutty Sark'.

methil docks john nzealand 07a
Paddle Tug 'Rebecca' entering No. 2 Dock around 1910. From a postcard. Print send to me by Phil Thomas, Glasgow. 'Rebecca' was the 3d tug stationed at Methil. Owned by D & J Wilson of Limekilns, but with a Methil Crew.

methil docks john nzealand 07b
Fishing boats Provider (ML26) and
Laurel (KY 122) in No. 1 Dock, 1960.

methil docks john nzealand 08a
Radio Scotland in Methil Dock's.

methil docks john nzealand 09a
My Uncle (late) Andrew Lawrie taken with the diver.
This was my cousin George Lawrie's uncle also.

methil docks john nzealand 10a

methil docks john nzealand 11a

Images below show the development of Methil Docks and the
Wellesley Colliery for use in building rigs.
Photo's taken by William Hamilton

Leven Harbour - 1904 (date on postcard)
I acquired the following postcard of Leven Harbour.

leven harbour and wagons
Press on the picture above to view this picture in greater detail.

If you can add anything to the above photo's then please
e-mail me with your thoughts. If you know of any other images or where I can get information on the development of the harbour and rail lines in this area then again please get in touch.

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