leven harbour
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Leven Harbour - 1904 (date on postcard)
I acquired the following postcard of Leven Harbour.
The first photo is a copy of the post card. The next couple are enlargements from different sections to help show greater detail.
leven harbour and wagons
Leven Harbour with some of the buildings at that time and Largo Law
can be clearly seen in the background. The photograph was originally taken in black and white and was hand coloured. (the hand colouring can be seen clearly when the image is enlarged, it is quite blocky in places, see below).

leven harbour hand colouring
Boats in harbour are clearer on this first image as well as blocks of colour.

leven harbour hand colouring b
The blocks of colour on the above houses can clearly be seen.

leven harbour zoom in left buildings
Enlargement of buildings left hand side of pc.

leven wagons and harbour edited boats
This enlargement shows some boats on the shore. (near bottom of pc.) A figure can be seen sitting just above the boats and another figure can be seen walking
along the rail lines.

leven wagons and harbout left
This enlargement shows part of the pc on the left. The Bawbee Brig can be seen on the left with two horses and traps crossing from the Leven side.. Wagons parked, not sure of the cargo as most have tarpaulins covering them. Although the wagons on the left side appear to maybe contain coal, some are empty. Its hard to tell the what the material is since the contents have been coloured grey!! hmmm.
The rail line would appear to leave the site as can be seen middle left.
leven harbour zoom left wagons
Enlargement of area taken from the image above.

leven wagons and harbout right
The final enlargement of the pc shows the area on the right.
Various wagons are seen with covers. A number of boats (possibly fishing) can be seen in the harbour at Leven. The rail line cross's the River Leven as the line appears to cross a bridge in the centre right of image.

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