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GW Harvey
Leven Fife.

Enlarger I think that was used for any colour work we were doing.
or this was used to print the larger plates that we produced of architectural shots.

Photo looking down the dry work area upstairs.

Again looking towards the fire door upstairs. The dry side again can be seen.
The wet side on the right. The wooden box is where prints would come through from the D&P processing. Below it sits the drum for washing these black and white pics.

In the darkroom. The wet side. Basic layout was right to left:
Developing tray, wash or stop bath and two fix trays.

The main enlarger in the main darkroom. This was the workhorse that did all manner of black and white prints and all sizes, from passport right up to exhibition prints.

Looking down the main darkroom. The two enlargers to use can be seen. Above them lies all the different grades, types and sizes of paper we needed. Below the enlargers lay all the negatives, going back for years. (I wonder what happened to all the negatives that GW Harvey's took over the years?)

Looking down the wet side. Nearest is the drum for washing the D&P pics. Down from them are the two drums for drying mat and glossy photographs.

This is the upstairs fire escape.... Hmmm health and safety....

Coming through from the darkrooms to the outside world.

Cleaning the drums for drying prints. We had to clean the drums constantly while in use especially for glossy prints. If you did not clean them the gelatine would build up and prints would eventually stick to the drum... and subsiquently destroy the prints. Not funny to go tell the person printing that they have to redoo a load of prints.

Still cleaning the face of one of the drums wish a mild solution of vinegar. Mat prints were put on the canvas belt face down. Glossy prints were put on the canvas belt face up. At times it was a constant job to keep up with the drying and the cleaning.

Above and below working on the D&P.

More work on the D&P which was a daily task for people who dropped their black and white films or requests for enlargements into various shops and chemists in Leven.

The film dryer cabinet. Dries films quickly when a deadline has to be met.

Me standing on the steps that lead up to the darkrooms etc.,
As always a dedicated follower of fashion!!

Margaret enjoying a cigarette in-between jobs.

Shena makes a gesture of some kind!!

Self portrait in the mirror upstairs
(obviously forgot to say 'smile please'... haha)

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