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This area, kicks into action with some photographs taken on the
weekend of the 8/9th of December 2001. Enjoy.
Sunset over College Street. Stuarts the bakers and Murray's can be seen on the right
with the silhouette of Buckhaven Parish Church above top right.
(formerly St. David's Church)

Below is the sunset over Wellesley Road with what was
Fosters Paper shop on the left (now the Goodnews Superstore).

The sun continues to set over East Wemys and the bay.

Above, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Buckhaven Parish Church.

Below is a view along the East High Street, which is behind where Braehead once stood.
The Randolph Hotel once stood here.
As can be seen the whole area has been rebuilt.

Above, front view of Burts Bar.

Below is a picture of the plaque on the wall commemorating Thomas Burt

Below are two view's looking down
West High Street that leads to the shore.

Below a view of the Buck and Hind pub on the outskirts of Buckhaven.

If anyone has taken any photographs of views of Buckhaven, either recently or in the past, then we would love to show them here. Get in touch by the usual method. e-mail.

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