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Buckhaven library and museum

Buckhaven Library and MuseumBuckhaven Library sign
College Street
Leven. Fife. KY8 1LD

Tel: 01592 414 530

Opening hours :
(revised as from 1st April 2002)

Monday    Closed
Tuesday    10.00 am till 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm
Wednesday  Closed all day
Thursday    10.00 am till 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm and 5.30 pm till 7.00 pm
Friday       2.00 pm till 5.00 pm
Saturday     9.30 am till 12.30 pm
Sunday     Closed

Buckhaven Museum is open at the times above
(Access to the museum is via the library, ask Martha)

Reception desk - library Computer searches available

Contact the library to access any information they hold on Braehead School and books written by R.F. Mackenzie. (please note that when searching for books written by RF Mackenzie within the library, that someone who logs the books has misspelt Mackenzie... so it may appear there are no books, but they are there... try the titles... please someone fix the typo's!)

Also contact the library if you would like to purchase any of
Frank Rankins booklets on Macduff Castle, Wemyss caves or on auld Buckhyne.

Hamish Brown has produced a number of books on
walks in Fife and also a book of photographs taken in Fife.

The library also sells locally produced arts and crafts. Especially those that have a connection with the mining industry. (some photographs below)

Do not hesitate to contact the library in relation to any of the above
or on any local issue.
Martha (librarian) will give you a warm welcome and
certainly will do all that she can to help.

Mining plates
Library - general view Arts and crafts general

Welcome to Buckhaven and Methil in Photographs, next in the series published by Kirkcaldy District Libraries.

The photographs are drawn from the library's extensive local studies collection.

If you have any photographs you think may be of interest to us you may hand them in to any library. If you do not want to part with your originals we will be happy to copy them and return them safely to you.

We hope you enjoy this collection.

ISBN 1-869984-04-8
This title available from
Buckhaven Library

Dialect is a very rich, expressive form of speech, which in this age of television and video is dying out, giving way to standard usage, Americanisms and Australian slang.
This booklet is an attempt to record our local use of words and phrases before they are lost and we would like to thank everyone who responded to the plea for words and meanings.
James Boswell, writing in 1764, proposed to compile a dictionary of Scots because, "the Scottish language is being lost every day and in a short time will become quite unintelligible".
This is our attempt to preserve our descriptive, expressive language.
We hope you enjoy it.
ISBN 1-869984-07-2 available from
Buckhaven Library

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