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Where on the planet is Buckhaven . . .
Buckhaven, Fife, a town in Wemyss Parish is
situated on the Firth of Forth between
 East Wemyss and Leven.

Once a thriving weaving village and fishing port, it was reported as having in 1831 the second largest fishing fleet in Scotland with a total of 198 boats. The fishing declined during the 19th Century but in the 1860's Buckhaven developed as a mining town. Although coal waste blackened Buckhaven's beaches and silted up its harbour it later became a
Fife coast holiday resort.

Said to be descended from Norsemen who settled there in the 9th century, its fisher folk bought an Episcopal Church in St Andrews in 1869 and transported it stone by stone to Buckhaven. Restored in the 1980's, this building was turned into a Theatre.

Buckhaven museum features the history of the fishing industry.

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Buckhaven Library and Museum
Buckhaven Library and Museum

Macduff Castle
Macduff Castle

Wemyss Caves
Wemyss caves

view of Buckhaven from Macduff Castle July 2001
Buckhaven from Macduff Castle (27/07/2001)
Below view of fishermens huts on the shore (
more views of Buckhaven)

fishermens huts on the shore Buckhaven July 2001

MAD Saints Reveiw 1972The MAD Saints make a brief return from a dusty archive.

They were an energetic group that caused quite a stir with their music, song and dance. Look out for more photo's and archive material on this group in the future. Some of the photographs to be show here have never really been seen. I did take quite a lot of photo's for use on publicity material, but most were
                                          never shown or seen.

The MAD Saints on parade

housing from the past - now redeveloped
Buckhaven images from the past

Buckhaven Primary School
Buckhaven Primary School

Prefabs - old
Prefabs - old and new
Prefabs - new

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